Acoustic Duo & Band

Sharon & Andy perform as an acoustic duo all over the Valley playing an eclectic mix of unique cover songs from different genres and eras as well as some of their own original songs. When performing as a band with their drummer, Tony Juarez, they perform as THE QUITO ROAD BAND and play more rock-oriented selections.

Below is the episode of SECOND CHANCE from the TLC Network where Sharon and Andy were reunited on national TV after being apart for 26 years. This episode was filmed in 2003 and this year, 2019, they are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. So I guess things worked out.

Second Chance - Full Episode

From 2003

Second Chance: Part 1

Reunited on national tv after 26 years apart.

Second Chance: Part 2

After 26 years...

Second Chance: Part 3

The love story continues...

Second Chance Part 4

Part 4 in which our heroes finally reconnect.

Second Chance Part 5

The champagne is uncorked!

Second Chance Part 6

Part 6 in which songs are sung and beginnings are made.